ONS+ Global Relay For Life

Submit your company team to ONS+ Global Relay For Life here. NOTE: Sign up as the team contact person at “Meld meg på”. Remember to register your company information, billing address and the number of participants on your team. When you are registered, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Additional information leading up to the event will be sent to you by The Norwegian Cancer Society. The start-fee: NOK 250/pp. (Children under 5 years for free).

28.08.24 kl 18:00 - 28.08.24 kl 19:00
Ytre Eiganesveien, STAVANGER

Om arrangementet

Thank you for joining the ONS+ Global Relay For Life race!

The Global Relay For Life movement now unites 34 partnering countries in one shared mission: to find a cure for cancer and support patients and their families through their journey. This is an ONS+ event that benefits The Norwegian Cancer Society and Global Relay For Life where the participants run from Vikinghallen at Tjensvoll to Vågen in downtown Stavanger. The race is open for all and we encourage you to bring your family, friends and colleagues to run, jog or walk for an important cause!

If you are not part of a company team, you will be able to pay the start-fee of NOK 250 online prior to the event, or at Vikinghallen. Payment can be done by VIPPS or credit card.


In Norway, The Norwegian Cancer Society, Relay For Life program is named Kreftforeningens Stafett for livet and communities arrange 24 hours Relays and schools and kindergartens arrange 24 minute "mini Relays" to learn, support and honour people who is touched by cancer.

The Norwegian Cancer Society (NCS) is one of the largest organisations in Norway and represents the voices of those affected by cancer. We are 135 000 members, 27 000 volunteers,190 employees and with the support of private citizens and partners fight cancer locally, nationally and globally. Through research and preventive measures, information, support, advice and lobbying, to improve the quality of life for patients and their families.


Learn more about our free services for people who live in Norway or contact our helpline for more information radgivning@kreftforeningen.no or +47 21 49 49 21